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Playlist Memories Part 11

Among my first ever CDs was the Sophomore release "Bringing Down the Horse" by The Wallflowers. Lead by front man Jakob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan) the single from the album One Headlight was all over the radio in the late 90s and still sees consistent play on local radio stations. I instantly fell in love with the song but also enjoyed some of the deeper cuts like "6th Avenue Heartache", "The Difference", and "Three Marlenas".

For my birthday (or was it Fathers Day?) 2019 my wife purchased me tickets to see them as they open for Matchbox Twenty. The concert got delayed to 2020 and then, well you know, it got delayed again to August of 2021. Fingers crossed Alexander, Phaedra, Ana and I (Dave and Bridget weren't interested) will be able to rock out at Starlight Theater later this summer!


Neon Pegasus by Parry Gripp

When Bridget was little we were looking for kid friendly songs and came across this one (and other gems by this YouTube artist). It is catchy as hell and I can now sing it from heart (don't judge) which is great for embarrassing kids and wives alike so it has earned a permeant spot on the playlist.

Never Ending Story - Limahl

So very 80s... so very... very 80s but a great song none the less from from a great movie that was in turn based on a great book. This song instantly makes me think of my childhood and is one of the favorites of my oldest son too.

One Day by Matisyahu A friend from work who has very eclectic tastes in music turned me onto Matisyahu and I must say he is a wonderful and fascinating person. Many of his songs are thought provoking and stick with you. This is one of my favorites of his.

One Headlight by The Wallflowers As mentioned above this was one of my first CDs and for years road in every car I owned tucked along with half a dozen others in my sun visor sleeve.

Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America

I was aware of this song in the 90s but it wasn't more than a passing notice until we moved to our current house. The only tree in our backyard is a peach tree and I introduced this song to them when we were harvesting them one August. They all thought it was fun and since then it's appeared on this playlist.

Pepper by Butthole Surfers

Another song that didn't really appear on my radar till much after its release. As a precursor to the playlists I currently enjoy I would go on road trips with my buddy Steve and we took turns picking songs. This was one of his picks and it's been a fun (odd) addition since then.

Piano Man by Billy Joel Oddly enough it was my (now ex) father-in-law who introduced me to Billy Joel. He loaned me a few cassette tapes and I fixated on We Didn't Start the Fire at first but as I get older I find I am more fond of this one. Dave (my oldest) has come to be a big fan of Mr. Joel.

The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis & The News Like most people I discovered this song through Back to the Future but unlike a lot of others I had never heard of Huey Lewis before that. I enjoy some of his other stuff but nothing comes close to beating this one. Nostalgia level turned to the max on this one.

Pumped up Kicks by Foster The People

There was this girl I had a crush on that loved this band so when this came out I naturally "loved it" too. Truth be told it was just kinda ok but grew on me.

Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog We didn't have a lot of kid friendly movies when I was young but we had every feature length Muppet Movie (including this one THE Muppet Movie). As an opening to a movie this song was enchanting and so very unexpected from a little green puppet. I would rewind and listen to this and Movin' Right Along over and over till my sister yelled at me.


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