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The NeverEnding Story

As a child I saw the most enchanting movie with my grandmother. We visited the theater at Bannister Mall to watch Bastian, Atreyu and the Childlike Empress fight against The Nothing. I won't dive deep into the plot but wanted to share a couple of sentiments I have about the movie.

First, the story is unique in that it centers around a storyteller and the characters in the evolving story interacting. It has a lot of relatable elements for a kid regarding emotion and the fantastic characters appealed to this lover of Star Wars and fantasy. In addition the score for the movie is pretty amazing and will be mentioned in my playlist series (and was covered in awesome fashion by Stranger Things).

The first time I sat down to watch it with my kids they were glued to the screen and we had repeated showings all week long. It remains a quoted movie in our household and the title song is one we all cheer when it comes up in the song rotation. Not to mention who doesn't love Falkor?!

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