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Backyard Drive In Movie

Continuing the Cabin Fever we are all experiencing some of the kids tried to convince us to go to the Drive In movie theater. The prefered spot for us is on the south side of Liberty and has dual screens. On screen 1 they had A Quiet Place II followed by Top Gun and on screen 2 they had Cruella followed by Raya and the Last Dragon. The problems with the plan being:

  1. We are still in quarantine and shouldn't be leaving home unless we need to.

  2. The two movies we care about (that's we can't stream from home) are the first for each meaning we could only see one.

  3. We need need to keep those with Covid away from those without meaning we would need to take two vehicles doubling the cost. (And Dave didn't want to drive.)

So I proposed an alternative. We have a projector setup we've used in the past both in our basement and in the back yard (on the barn, side of the house, etc.) Most recently we watched John Wick in the gazebo however that would require us to be too tightly packed together for us to social distance. Instead I took our 12' trampoline and put it on its side, secured it to the tetherball pole and added our white screen. This made for a perfect centralized place for us to showcase a movie and give everyone a chance to spread out.

As per the usual we spent forever waiting on Alexander to join us so I showed old family movies I have unlisted on YouTube (a couple examples below). This took us back and put everyone present in a good mood. Eventually we were down to either The Never Ending Story or The Count of Monte Cristo. We put a little bit of democracy in action and the votes selected the latter option. Other than some issues with the speaker and some inconsiderate actions by one person it went off without a hitch. This might be our prefered way to watch movies in the warmer months.


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