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Cabin Fever

We are five days into our unexpected quarantine and Bridget announces this morning that her throat hurts. Ana and I look at each other to share a sense of dread. I pick up the last box of tests I have and follow Bridget up to her room. She notices me following her and sees the box in my hand then instinctively plops in her chair and lifts her head. The test comes from collecting a swab from each nostrils and at this point each of the nonvaccinated folks have been tested a couple of times.

I swab her nose and slide the test together. The results can be expected in less than 15 minutes but my experience has been that you can begin to see (or not see) a line after just a couple so I wait and watch noticing the sample line slowly turn purple. I direct Bridget's attention down away from the YouTube video of Among Us and she nods in understanding giving a shrug and adding, "guess I am staying in my room for now?" I give her a pep talk but she seems to be taking it in stride (better than mom did when I told her). I use the second test on Ana and luckily find she is negative.

We shopped for prices and found Walmart had the cheapest tests in the area so Ana, now cleared, runs out and grabs 3 more boxes so we can test the whole family again when necessary. I immediately use one for Alexander and myself, again negative. So it would seem the vaccine is doing its job and the family is divided 3 and 3.

Dave and Phaedra cracked out the Uno cards then later the girls were at least able to watch movies together. Sadly this means our timeline is reset again and it looks like 6/10/21 is the earliest we can leave for vacation. Thank goodness for the internet, how the hell did people do this in 1918?!


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