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There is no wrong way to celebrate Independence Day

The 4th of July is a uniquely American holiday but many other nations have an Independence Day. In Romania it is recognized on December 1st. Although their country is much older than ours they've faced a great deal of strife and authoritarian rule by both outsiders and "nationalists". They were a Communist nation until 1989 so Ana grew up in a very different environment. Her first July in America she was overwhelmed with the fireworks and displays of national pride by detonating Chinese products.

Since then we've celebrated at various friends households and on the road (In Vegas even), by geocaching and even in Death Valley.

2021 at the Scott Family House
No we didn't buy it
The guy on the left never moved the whole time
2020, Our only 4th of July at home to date
On the Vegas strip
2017 at the Pinball Museum
Viva Las Vegas!!
In Death Valley California
A mall in southern Nevada


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