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The Shiva

Fantasy football is an interactive competition in which users compete against each other as general managers of virtual teams built from real players. The players that an individual is able to manage are professional American football players in the National Football League.

The Shiva is the ultimate trophy for the winner of the championship game in the sitcom, "The League". It is named after Shivakamini Somakandarkram who was the valedictorian of most of the league members' graduating high-school class and is highly sought after for its prestige

In 2012 my buddy Mike (kcsmiths) invited me and a few other caching friends to join a league he manages. Not having managed a fantasy football team before I did pretty poor the first year but made a respectable sophomore performance. Since then I've been chasing victory losing out to some pretty good people (and/or rotten luck).

The Kansas City area Geocacher Fantasy Football league has had the following annual champions:

2012: Giant Robots

2013: OrigamiFolder 2014: Pax42 2015: Walking Dead 2016: A1 2017: A1 2018: Misplaced Texans 2019: DrPowercat 2020: Kuwaitin To Go*

2021: TBD

*Super close 2nd place for me on this one!

No trophy exists but I put out a cache in this spirit none the less.


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