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The Nelson-Atkins Museum

Kansas City is blessed with a world class art museum that is open to the public and accessible free of charge. I've had the good fortune of visiting it several times as an adult exposing my kids to wonderful pieces of art they would otherwise never would have been able to see. I've attended geocaching events, played Pokémon Go there, taken family pictures, looked for fountains and of course enjoyed art. Recently Bridget visited with her best friends family and it got me to thinking about the last time I took in the sites. Then Facebook reminded me of a visit where Alexander and Phaedra sketched the art and I was hooked on the idea of going back.

Today Phaedra, Ana and I paid a visit and I showed them some of my favorite pieces. We talked about what we liked and didn't like, what we thought the artist was trying to say and how it made us feel. We saw pieces by Monet, Picasso, Warhol and Rodin among others. Their special exhibit on African American artist opened our eyes to new styles. They even had a miniature golf game setup on their breathtaking lawn.

My favorite piece


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