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The Future is Now

Growing up I felt that my generation was cutting edge and that we had things our parents could never have even dreamt about in their dark ages of the 60s and 70s. After all I was child of the 80s and we had cable TV, Nintendo, CDs, VCRs and personal computers all they did was put a man on the moon *psst*! As with most close minded (young) perspectives time proved me wrong as the new century arrived and modern marvels arrived at breakneck speed. Smart phones, social media, bitcoins, entertainment streaming and virtual reality are all things my kids have grown up with. Reflecting back on Trapper Keepers, Walkmans and Rubik’s Cubes I now see that each generation exceeds their predecessor especially with the momentum technological advancements have now.

All that is to say that a coworker introduced me to the Occulous Quest 2 today. I am a big fan of the book/movie Ready Player One and it looks to be a huge leap towards the Oasis. I was of course aware of VR and AR technology, but it’s always been a bit rough around the edges and not very approachable from my perspective. This new product doesn’t require a gaming PC, is standalone, has a 90Hz refresh rate with great graphics and has a reasonable (this is subjective I realize) price point of $299. All that and my birthday is approaching! So, yeah... I hope my wife reads this one. 😉

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