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STREETS - Stray animal adventures!

In February I backed a Kickstarter for a fun mini RPG themed about stray animals that arrived last month. Dave, Alexander and Phaedra play D&D at their moms house with Dave serving as the DM. I had talked with them about starting a campaign at our house but they thought it was too much to manage. This trimmed down version was the perfect opportunity for the 6 of us to play and for Ana and Bridget to get some insight into this style of game.

Since Dave was already a DM elsewhere he wanted to be a player so Phaedra stepped up to be our Game Master. Tonight we sat down to read the rules and build characters. There are three main attributes to consider: Mental, Physical and Charm with each being further divided into 3 subgroups. We were asked to pick names, breed and species. Ana and I chose to be Dogs, Alexander and Bridget picked cats and Dave a rat.

Unfortunately we didn't have a printer so we recreated the player sheets by hand while Phaedra read ahead. Each of us had fun envisioning our characters and bouncing ideas off each other with some drawing from existing pop culture and others going off of completely new ideas. After that Phaedra walked us threw the scene explaining how we know each other and providing us a scenario to work through. As is common with RPGs things went completely different than planned but we all laughed our way through it bonding the whole time, Phaedra did a great job explaining and drawing out a map so we were all on the same page. She said she is planning on building more tasks for us to address next week. I think it's safe to say we are all excited to return to the game when we have the time.

Looks like a complex football play doesn't it?
Bridget did the illustrations of our characters


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