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Sports Cards

Updated: May 5, 2021

As a kid many of my friends collected sports cards. I enjoyed watching some football but was more interested in playing than watching and as such collecting small pieces of cardboard didn't make much sense to me. Somewhat hypocritical I was into non-sports cards like comic characters and later TCGs.

Here am I however much later in life and after watching by buddy Steve's YouTube channel my interest was peaked. I watched him for a couple of months then YouTube caught on and stated to recommend other similar channels. I ignored this at first, I was just watching to support my buddy I said but eventually the auto play got me and I found some other pack crackers that interest me. Now I watch a handful of channels on the subject.

Steve's birthday is coming up so I ordered a few card related items for him and even dipped in myself. I see that it is a black hole of money and something you need a lot of time and knowledge to do right. So I've decided to stick with a few cheapo packs and Chiefs or Royals for the time being. I even recorded a couple of videos with my kiddos.

I'll never get to the level of Steve or his brother John but it's a fun little side hobby with the bonus of spending some time with the kids,


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