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Sandra Annette Bullock

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Like most young people I had a celebrity crush. Mine began in 1992 the day I saw the movie Love Potion No. 9, a VHS tape my parents rented from Blockbuster. The movie focuses on two scientists who are hopeless with the opposite sex. They invent a substance that makes them irresistible to anyone who hears them speak. Starring along side Tate Donovan was one Sandra Bullock who begins the movie as the quintessential nerdy girl and in classic movie trope transforms into the beauty queen. Although the plot was silly the crush that lead to hundreds of movie views was launched.

I watched that tape several times before my parents returned it two days later and I sought out more of her movies eventually finding The Thing Called Love, The Vanishing and When the Party's Over. None of these were appropriate for my age and my father failed to notice the common theme amongst each of them but rented them for me none the less. Over the next couple of years Demolition Man, Speed and The Net came out each showcasing America’s sweetheart and showing the breadth of her acting abilities.

By the time I hit college I had collected most of her movies even the really bad ones from the 80s and a large 24”x36” poster (see above) was proudly displayed over my desk in my dorm. While away at university a few more of her movies hit the theaters and I saw them each, many multiple times. I saw Practical Magic 5 separate times, all alone, at the old theater on N Belt Hwy in St Joseph, MO. As time went on I became a little more rational and grounded and less… fixated but I still enjoy a good Sandy flick when I can catch them.


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