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Did you have a favorite toy as a kid? I know I sure did, I've had a stuffed animal ("Whitey") since my parents brought it home with me from the hospital as a baby. He doesn't see much action these days, rock'n a place of honor in my closet instead. My friend John however has taken his little buddy around the world and introduced him to countless awesome celebrities.

As the story goes he was heading off to college and his parent's asked him if he needed anything, being the smarta$$ that he is (really they all are) his response was, "a koala". And so he met his life long little furry buddy naming him Raskolnikov. When I first met John (through his brother Steve) I was completely baffled and saw custom art and cameos unheard of for most people let alone a small ball of fluff. I stumbled upon his Facebook page and have grown to love his cute little face. This guy has lived a wonderful life!

I had the good fortune of hosting Steve, John and Raskolnikov for games at my house today. Before they ran off I got them to autograph my trading cards and took a few selfies to commemorate the day. Thanks for visiting John and Raskolnikov, hope to see you again soon!

He's got a whole lot more photos here!


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