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Playlist Memories Part 9

Spatial memory plays a heavy role in committing details about ones environment to long term memory. By visiting the same location over and over much like a rat in a maze learning where a piece of cheese is we build a cognitive map that helps us keep our bearings.

Alexander's 1st Concert

There are some events in history like the assignation of JFK (before my time), the OJ Simpson trial verdict, the 9/11 attacks, etc. where pretty much everyone alive can recant where they were and what they were doing when they heard about it. As a result of various experiences in my life I have a rather refined spatial memory. I can tell you where I was the first time I heard each of these song or where I was the first time I met the significant people in my life.

Sprint Center Downtown KC MO

Hearing any notable song in my life will trigger a memory of the location and people I was with when I heard it initially. This works both ways in that visiting that spot will often remind me of the song even if it's just an exit off the interstate. I am not trying to make any claim that this makes me unique. Quite to the contrary I've always labored under the belief that many people operate this way. Speaking with friends and family though it would appear it's far less common than I had originally assumed though.


Jump Around by House Of Pain

First heard this in "Club Fire" in Bucharest Romania and loved it. I can still sing every word with full motion hand gestures. 😊

Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw

This song reminds me of a past love, not going into that.

Kansas City Lights by Steve Wariner Considering my home base location this one should make sense. My wife loves it and it reminds her of her first visit to the USA.

Lean on Me by Club Nouveau

Being a fan of the original song and the unrelated book/movie I eventually discovered this cover when I was in high school. Like an earworm it got stuck in my head and I sought out a copy playinwsaz it over and over again. It remains on my playlist to this day.

Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters I used to think Dave Grohl had something to do with Kurt Cobains death back when I was easily swayed by conspiracy theories. Sounds pretty silly now but hey this is a hilarious video and a great song.

Let's Go All The Way by Insane Clown Ok so these yahoos are just too much for the most part. I saw them on an episode of the Bill Riley show (Jesus H, that can't be right) and after looking them up found they actually had some catchy stuff.

Like the Rain by Clint Black My parents got to party with Clint Black back in the 80s when he was a nobody doing small honkey tonk bars. They told that story every time his music came on.

Living In A Moment by Ty Herndon My daughter Bridget loves this song so we enjoy being sentimental together while singing it.

Lose Yourself by Eminem I used to hang out with Marshall Mathers cousins when I lived in St Joseph. Dude is a bit much but a lyrical genius.

Losing My Religion by R.E.M. I admit I still haven't taken the time to understand this song but I do love listening to it.

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