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Every year the director of my department hosts a get together that involves a small competition. Past events have included a trip Top Golf and a local arcade. This year he decided that we should all try our hand at pickleball. Nobody in our group of 14 had played it before so we were all on equal footing.

He reserved two courts at Chicken and Pickle and after a short meeting on campus we all drove to the Northland (lucky me, close to home). I got paired with Mark who is from Chicago and I've not spent a lot of time with beforehand. Turns out he's a pretty nice guy and we played well together. We won our first couple matches and found ourselves in the championship game.

Justin (our director) faked an injury so my new hire Nick could get in a game. He originally said he wasn't interested in playing but seemed to have warmed up to the idea. The match was pretty close at first with us finding ourselves tied at 4 all before Mark and I pulled ahead winning it 11-6. None of us are turning pro but it was a fun outing and I enjoyed spending time with my peers many of whom I had not seen since before the pandemic.

Mark and I hoisted the custom trophy and then we all went in for some beers and snacks before going our sperate ways.


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