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Pear Harvesting

In 2015 we moved into our current home and despite a sizable backyard we only had a single tree for shade. That tree happens to be a pear tree and we quickly learned it yields a large quantity of fruit. Ana, Bridget and I are the only real fruit eaters in the family so we try to share the surplus with neighbors, caching buddies and the houseless community.

The tree is a good 30' tall so we've crafted tools to assist us with reaching those towards the top. I have a long painters pole that I fasten a rake shaped to slide in between the branches and yank them down. We tend to start this at the end of August and continue for a couple of weeks till all the quality fruit is harvested. The local deer population has become quite fond of our tree and will often camp out under near in the shade munching on the tasty fruit.


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