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Movie Time

Originally my post for today was going to be about my first concert in a long time. In 2018 my wife purchased tickets for me and a couple of my kids (those that were interested) to go see Matchbox 20 and the Wallflowers in concert at Starlight the summer of 2019. Something came up and it got pushed to 2020 then... Covid... so it got pushed to June 21st 2021 (tonight). At some point it got shoved again to June 21st... 2022 and we didn't notice so we found ourselves suddenly all dressed up with no place to go (and soon to be 4 year old concert tickets!)

Since 3 of us had the Covid vaccine and 1 recently recovered from it and has naturally antibodies we decided tonight was a good time to return to an old favorite, the movies. Only a couple of the movie theaters near us were even operating tonight and the one with the most option (which still wasn't much) was the AMC. The two finalist were A Quiet Place Part II and Hitman's Wife’s Bodyguard. Three of us were pretty good with either but Alexander always has a strong opinion about things so we caved and went to see the horror flick because he, "hasn't see the first one of the other one".

Granted it IS a Monday but the parking lot was dead and there was only one couple in front of us in line. We made our choice and they showed us the available seats in the theater (~95%). Although we showed up right at start we got our first pick for seats. The concession stand had no wait but 5 teenagers jumped at the chance to help me. We found our seats and enjoyed the movie, Ana isn't big on horror but seemed fine with it.

Afterwards I suggested we catch the end of the other movie but again Mr. Stubborn got his way and we went home. We spent the rest of the night sorting our souvenirs from the trip and I recorded a video for my YouTube channel. Back to the normal daily grind I suppose.


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