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Living with someone for an extended period of time yields incredibly minutia insight. In the cases of romantic partners first moving in together it can sometimes lead to large enough riffs that it drives a wedge and even leads to breakups. With your family there is more leeway (after all you're kind of stuck with them lol). Phaedra, our resident early bird in the family, was sharing with me the many ways she identifies when family members wake up. Here is a combination of her insight with my twist.

Oddly enough I am known for playing YouTube videos in the morning and the audio tends announce me as I come downstairs. Funny enough I thought the kids were more addicted to their electronics (still do). At least I am not knowing for some large lumbering sounds like a giant barreling through a forest.

Mom is known for being preceded by a wonderful bouquet of fragrances. Ever the Disney Princess type she always smells lovely and is light of foot so unlike the rest of us you don't rely on sight or sound but smell.

Dave lives in the basement and is usually the hardest to identify as even when he wakes he still doesn't turn on the lights or come up for hours. When he does emerge from his lair he will quietly poke his head around the corner and despite his best efforts let out a cough or two.

Alexander has a queen size loft in his bedroom made of wood so if you don't hear the creak of the stairs as he descends you'll definitely hear one of the many doors he opens (his bedroom, the bathrooms, the hallway closet or the pantry door). He isn't very subtle and usually leaves one or more half cocked.

Phaedra despite loving mornings and being the first up 90% of the time appears to be allergic to early morning sunlight. She tends to always wake with a sneezing fit and it's easy to hear from the other side of the house. We've given her allergy meds but she doesn't like to take them daily so this morning ritual continues.

Bridget qualifies in a couple of ways. Being only 9 years old she tends to be loud and rambunctious. Although not 100% consistent if you are listening and you hear someone coming down the stairs and they trip on the last step (presumably due to rushing and not focusing on grace) then it's likely Bridget. She's so full of energy that being quiet is near impossible,

Buzz has gotten up there in weight and you can usually hear the thump thump thump of him loafing up and down the stairs especially if he's in a rush.


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