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Mini Golf

My family absolutely loves mini golf. "Big deal", you may say, most folks do but can most families say they've played miniature golf in 23 states? While we are all fans on some level it seems to me that Dave is the biggest driving force behind this. When we are debating what to do as a family he will often slip it into the discussion. It may not be our first pick but it's popular enough across all 6 of us that it usually wins out. When on vacation while Alex and I like museums the rest roll their eyes. In those situations mini golf wins out again to appease the crowd. I often offer to buy the winner an ice cream cone then proceed to beat them all and buy everyone ice cream anyway. :)

Great Wolf Lodge - Kansas City, Kansas
Camelot Golfland - Los Angeles, California
94 Pitch & Putt - Washingtonville, New York
Outrageous Mini Golf Family Fun Center - Atlanta, Georgia
Cool Crest Family Fun Center - Independence, Missouri


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