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Love and Tennis

In keeping with our new family initiative to find inclusive activities on Sundays we ventured out to the nearby tennis courts after FHS today. Bridget got to put her new racket from Santa to use and the rest of us knocked the dust off of ours.

The courts are a short half mile drive from home and sit between a busy street and the neighborhood substation. They are often in use but today despite it being 65° and a beautiful official first day of spring we didn't find anyone else there to compete with till the end.

Normally 6 people can't play a game of tennis but seeing as how we didn't really follow the rules anyway that didn't hold us back. Without really discussing it Dave, Phaedra and I went to one side while Ana, Alexander and Bridget filled in the other. We used some old balls left over from a themed geocache that ironically I had placed 100' from there several years ago.

Everyone played well especially Ana who covered the back for her team the whole game and Dave with his lightning reflexes. When all of our knees began to feel like Jello we went to Perkins for dinner before coming back to play some TIME Stories (and failing). All in all a successful and fun day.


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