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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I think the single greatest thing about being a parent is the heartwarming interactions you have with your kids. I know the details of many moments are lost to time but they all brought me joy. Luckily I had the forethought to save a few and will update this list as I encounter them. In no particular order...


I went to wake up Bridget this morning and she said, "STOP IT DADDY, you're ruining my life by waking me up early!"

It sort of worked because it took me a couple of minutes to stop laughing before I tried gain.

November 18th 2016


(At a buffet for lunch)

Me: Eat some veggies boys.

Alex: I am, see the french fries.

Me: That doesn't count.

Alex: I asked on the way in and you said potatoes are vegetables.

Me: Touché sir, touché.

March 14th 2011


Scene: Men's bathroom and Bridget is yet again complaining I didn't take her to the ladies.

Bridget: What makes boys boys and girls girls?

<Temporary horror sets in>

Me: Well I've talked to your siblings about this but never expected you to ask at this age.

Bridget:<Cutting in>BECAUSE BOYS WEAR BOYS PANTS AND GIRLS WEAR GIRLS PANTS! (Followed by forced fake laughter, lots of it.)

Me: Saved by toddler logic.

July 7th 2015


Phaedra: "I think I had a thought but I forgot."

Me: (laughing) "What does THAT mean?"

Phaedra: "I really don't know."

December 28th 2012


Things you don't expect to hear from your (almost) 4 year old:

Bridget (While washing her hands): "How did you choose your career"?

Me: "What did you just say?"

Bridget: "I said career silllllly!"

Me: "Where did you learn that word?"

Bridget (flippantly): "I don't know"

April 18th 2016


Perhaps my all time favorite...

Me: Try some of my fish, its good for you.

Dave: Why? It's just a fish.

Me: Well for one its high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Dave: (Truly shocked) WHAT?! It will make me have 3 fat assess?!

Me: (Making a scene laughing MY ass off!)

November 26th 2011


In response to me declining her request for an ice cream breakfast.

Bridget: "You don't NEED a taco light"

July 11th 2015


Me: Alex you are doing the maze wrong, you started at the finish side.

Alex: Dad you're the one who taught me rules are meant to be broken.

August 18th 2010


Dave: If I turned into a tiger, wasp, gorilla mutant bent on world domination would you help me or try to stop me?

Me: What kind of a question is that?!

Dave: Theoretical ....duh.

August 21st 2011



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