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Kant Con

As an avid board gamer I have long wanted to attend Gen Con the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America. It's in Indianapolis though and scheduling has never worked out not to mention the cost of taking 5 people with me. Much closer to home however is Kant Con which ironically was born out of the dream of locals wishing to attend Gen Con and being unable (Kant Con = Can't Con). Many of my friends who are avid gamers can be found at the event so I try to attend at least one day of the event each year.

As we have (had) plans for caching friends from Lincoln, NE to join us I only planned to attend on Friday. That morning I got the oil changed on Little Helper and then went around recruiting the kids. Dave and Alexander were the only ones to answer the call so a quick stop for food then we went south to the Overland Park Convention Center. It has been held here for the last couple of years and it seems like it always coincides with a kids clothing consignment sale too.

Inside the con there was a single row of vendors showcasing tabletop games and accessories, RPGs, art and other general nerd paraphernalia. We picked up a few sets of dice, a wicked cool dice tower, a small piece of art and a Steven Universe glass (still need to watch that show) that Alex wanted.

In the game library section they have a mechanic where you can play games and then be entered into a raffle to win that game so the more you play the more chances you have. Sadly we only had time for one game and spent it on the Funkoverse: Marvel game. There is also a raffle for just attending, a door prize if you will, which Dave won. He picked up a copy of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer collectible card game. We talked to a few friends who were there running games or volunteering and then headed home to meet up with the rest of the family. One of these days I'd like to get more involved but it just hasn't happened yet. All the same it's always fun and my hats off to those who make it happen.


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