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Kansas City Corporate Challenge

In Kansas City for the last 40+ years we've had an annual event called Corporate Challenge. Think, "Olympics for office workers". There are a lot of ways to be involved and I've done a bunch of them from being a participant in various sports, a volunteer, a judge and a member of my companies board. Last year the games were canceled due to the Covid pandemic and this year our executives chose not to participate since so many members are still working from home.

When I first started at ScriptPro I participated in the bike race, the walk and tug of war. The next year I upped my game by submitting an entry in the annual t-shirt design contest. Playing on the familiar catch phrase of James Bond my entry showed a robot gripper and the phrase "2007 Licensed to Fill". I earned a $150 gift certificate to the Country Club Plaza for that little nugget of clever word play.

At that point my companies involvement in Corporate Challenge was managed by the Customer Service department. As a member of CS and active participant I was asked to be on the committee and I lead the effort to get volunteers to earn points for our team by tracking times at events. Eventually some political BS caused another group to take over (and promptly mess it up). By 2018 I was once again asked to be on the board and made it my personal goal to attend as many events as I could to document the efforts of Team ScriptPro.

In 2019 we got 4th place and just barely missed out on an overall medal. Still lots of my friends and co-workers came home with gold, silver or bronze. Here's hoping we're back in 2022.


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