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Ironic Gaming

I live in a family of gamers, some more than others but each of us with our unique personal tastes and desire to play. The last 15 years or so our collection has grown remarkably past the Parker Brother standards my generation knew as a child.

Looking for ways to incorporate this with other activities in a cross section of fun we began playing themed games in locations that matched (at least loosely). One such endeavor 5 years ago we visited the Kansas City Zoo using Bridget's wagon and my large backpack to help us haul around several small animal stylized games.

Among the stops was a rather hilarious themed game named "Poo" that seemed appropriate at the Gorilla exhibit.

They were quite docile but we whipped out the Angry Birds: Card Game at the tropical bird exhibit.

When we stopped for lunch in the Africa section I convinced the whole family to participate in a game of Zooloretto. There was a lot of laughter and amazement collecting giraffes, zebra, rhinos and the likes all surrounded by their real life inspiration. I could have done without the overpriced food but you take what you can get when you have hungry kids.

The younger kids were more interested in the slide and the capuchin monkeys but Dave and I camped out by the amphibians upstairs to play some Frog Juice.

This year we had Friends of the Zoo passes and went several times but on this day we enjoyed a new twist. We ultimately carried the idea on playing The Grizzled at Liberty Memorial, Livestock Uprising at the Deanna Rose Farmstead and Mystery at the Abbey at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

I had plans for many more but lost momentum, perhaps that's a good idea to revisit with the large collection we have. I just hope that it helped add a few more positive memories in the bank for the kiddos.


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