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I'm on a Boat

In 2014 Groundspeak released a new round of souvenirs for anyone who attended an event in the month of August. A co-worker/friend/geocacher named webscouter (Jim) contacted me because he and his wife were interested in attending an event but there schedule was limited and he didn't have the time to arrange one himself. He asked me if I would be willing host an event for the two of them. Not wanting to just make it a boring lunch event (I like my events to be big ordeals) I chose to host one at the Shawnee Mission Lake on the water.

Theming it after the Lonely Island song from SNL I got a great turn out with ~50 people in attendance. I saw this as a fun one off event but several folks approached me about making it a reoccurring thing. As a result we are approaching our 8th year! Some folks having attended all or nearly all of them!

I try to keep the logs interested and thematic ranging from a kayak (manned by Dave), a life preserver vest, captains hat, treasure map, oar, etc. I haul them out on the water and attendees take turns signing. They currently adorn my man cave and I add to the them each year. My friend Jennifer (javthrowr) has been kind enough to be the photographer for several of these events with Melody (Ksumom2004) and Chelsea (cbows162) stepping in other years.


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