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Hot Salad

In 1989 my parents separated and a little more than a year later my father remarried. My new step-mother was 12 years younger than my father and 12 years older than me. Additionally she was Catholic and came from a large family. All of this meant some new changes were in store for my father and I. Among them were the introduction of some new menu items, probably the most memorable from that time was “Hot Salad”.

I remember her explaining it to me and the idea of a warm salad instantly turned me off. Still in the getting to know each other phase of things she insisted I help her prepare a batch. I quickly learned that it wasn’t the type of salad I was picturing. As is typical of someone my age then I rejected some of the ingredients, but the collective smell of the final product was quite appealing. The 3 of us finally sat down to enjoy it and I was amazed at how much one batch produced. It quickly became a favorite in our household due to it’s simplicity, volume and ease on the pocketbook.

Above is an image of one of the few remaining recipe cards from my father’s cookbook. Although my step-mom was the one who shared it he quickly adopted it as a family recipe.

Hot Salad

1- Large head of cabbage

1- Medium Onion

2 – Tomatoes (Small Pieces)

1 bag (small) Carrots-shredded

2 lbs Hamburger

Salt to Taste

Cook hamburger & onion then add to above ingredients.

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