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We woke up to a rainy Memorial Day with no plans. Looking to make the most of our impromptu stay at home Alexander proposed we use the surplus time to play our most epic tabletop game yet, Heroscape. Taking a lazy amount of time to eat breakfast under our gazebo we didn't start pulling the many boxes of gear out of the closet till close to 1:00 PM. Bridget and Alexander decided to be the architects this time (as they have many times in the past) and by 4:00 PM they had the playing field setup.

Dave and I spread out the massive amount of characters forgoing the superheros and custom figures that break opting for the OG minis. This still left enough baggies to take up more than 3 tables worth of real-estate. Using my chwazi app we determined the order to be Alexander, Dave, myself and Ana for drafting. The army size was determined by each us (and Bridget) rolling a single 6 sided die and multiplying the result to get 720 points per person. Dave went with his typical Soulborg robots and a dragon for good measure, I took the Marrows with their large numbers and rebirthing, Ana went with a lot of flyers like ghosts and dragons and Alex went with a couple of big closet characters like Spartacus and some filler cannon fodder. By 6:00 PM we were finally able to begin and right from the start there was strife.

We've been playing this game since it first came out in the early 2000s. As a fan of tabletop games from my youth I quickly gravitated to it's simplistic rules and modular design as an easy way to get the kids into it. We added a few characters or terrain when we could buying on eBay, at garage sales or when on sale at Toys“R”Us. Our friend Steve got interested after playing at our house once and began buying up more and more until his collection dwarfed our own. We tried to combine them once marking each piece to sort them afterwards and realizing what a hassle that was. Instead we bought Heroclixs and other generic figures then designed our own stats and abilities. Eventually he decided he needed to cut himself off as his compulsive behavior lead to more and more purchases. One day he came over and insisted we buy it all from him for $10. Not taking no for an answer our collection tripled in size instantly.

Since then it's always been an epic battle and such a massive time investment to field our Heroscape collection. Alexander is usually the driving force and as he doesn't play Gloomhaven or other tabletop games with us we usually give in (when we have time). As today we had zero plans it was an easy sell. Aside from a few tense debates about rule interpretations it's always been a lot of fun albeit a length one.

Here are some photos of Heroscape adventures in the past...


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