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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I've had this life long fascination with resolutions. They've become a bit of a joke in pop culture. An excuse for gyms to sell year long memberships knowing by February 90% of people will have lost interest. While I cannot claim to have always hit my goals in life I do have a nice streak going where New Year's resolutions are concerned. Many moons ago my high school football coach Tony Severino introduced me to the SMART rule of goal setting. That being they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Following this framework I have been able to hit my year long goals the last 7 years.

2014 - Find a geocache everyday

2015 - Fold an origami model every day

2016 - Do a good deed everyday

2017 - Play a different board game everyday

2018 - Create a video with at least one second from every day

2019 - Place 100 new geocaches

2020 - Walk 1,000 miles

2021 - Blog every day

Me near the 1,000 mile mark with Stephen True at Arrowhead Stadium

In school I would absolutely dread writing assignments from teachers. I gravitated towards math, geography, computers, sports and science. Basically I preferred anything that wasn't language based. This meant that I took the bare minimum number of foreign language, English and speech related classes. In my youth I was quite shy which I think contributed to my aversion to these classes however time has yielded a more social and (at least a little more) eloquent OrigamiFolder. That said I still feel I am lacking in the area of written expression. I write documents and reports at work, post on social media and write up geocache listings but they never feel quite right. One of the ancillary goals of this exercise is to polish my skills.

I point all of this out so that if anyone chooses to read my posts they realize I make no guarantee of high quality prose or deeply engaging content. In fact it's more likely you will find the ramblings of a middle aged nostalgic nerd who has a bad habit of improper comma usage and run on sentences. The primary audience, believe it or not, is myself in that this will be a way for me to pour my thoughts out into a repository of memories and opinions. I envision (hope) that some day perhaps when I am long gone my kids will stumble upon this and choose to learn a little more about their dear old dad.

I welcome feedback, corrections and opinions so long as they all come in a polite manner. Be well my people of Earth and lets all make 2021 awesome!

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1 Comment

Jan 02, 2021

That is very cool. I wonder how far I walked caching in 2020. I walked in a lot of circles at many caches LOL Happy 2021 Dave =D

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