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Geocaching Picnic

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The longest running annual geocaching event, believe it or not, is in Kansas City. Geocaching is 21 years old and this year we celebrated the 21st annual picnic. I attended my first one in 2010 and haven't missed one since. It's akin to a family reunion with friends from near and far making the trek to share in the love of the hobby and tp catch up on each others adventures.

Byonke (Brian and Carlin) were the hosts of this event for most of it's run. As charter members of geocaching they've been major influencers in the local caching scene. The event has bounced back and forth across the KS/MO boarder and to a handful of different parks but many of the rituals are the same no matter where it's held. There are new permeant caches, temporary kid caches, BBQ, coins and raffles to name a few.


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