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Farm Party

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I've worked for the same company for going on 16 years and while there have been some lows overall it has been a great place to have a career. I've made lifelong friends and feel appreciated for my work. I work on a respected team and feel I make an impact. One of the side perks is that every year they host a "Farm Party" complete with animal rides, great food, kid activities, and a raffle. For more than 2 decades the event was held at the private farm of the company's president however since our last in person event in 2019 that land was sold.

Terri, the event coordinator for the company arranged to host this years event at Faulkner's Ranch an event space on the SE side of town. We had been there before for Ana's company picnic and knew it was a fun venue. Unfortunately the end of summer/beginning of fall is a busy time for festivals and events and we had several conflicts this year. I chose to participate in the farm party at the beginning and end cutting out for a few hours in the middle for the annual KC Geocaching picnic. Both events were a blast and I walked away with a significant prize at each.


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