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Family Business Part 1

As mentioned before my father was the owner/operator of a small coffee and vending business called Quality Coffee Inc. In his youth he worked for Necco Coffee and after having a falling out with them decided to break out on his own. This happened when I was a baby so my entire life I only knew of Quality Coffee and from as young as I could remember I was put to work helping. I am going to start a small series here where I recount memories working the family business.

My first memory of being involved was helping with the regular deliveries from the Folgers Coffee company to our house at 8011 Spring Valley Rd, Raytown MO 64138. A large box truck would pull up along the street and put its flashers on then proceed to unload the pallets onto the edge of our driveway. My job was to use the dolly (that my dad called a "Two Wheeler") to transport them through the garage and down the stairs along the back wall into the basement while he talked to the delivery driver. If there was anything left when he was done chatting he would help but he was pretty long winded so that wasn't common. In addition we would pickup supplies from A&G Wholesaler, Sam's Club and anywhere else that had cheap prices or easily distracted clerks and I would unload them and sort them when we got home. I would keep him apprised if we got low on inventory and he would place orders as was necessary.

It wasn't bright yellow when I lived there!

My sister and I would love to play in the basement around the stacks of supplies my father had. It was quite and peaceful (except when we were riding our big wheels on the concrete, that was deafening) and made for a good place to play hide and seek.


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