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End of Shift Surprises

Dave worked briefly at Dairy Queen before deciding that fast food was not the place for him. He made the upgrade (in pay anyway) to working the front end at CVS. The methodical detail oriented way he sees the world paid off and he was well loved by his managers often being asked to work extra shifts. Although he was in Raymore I stopped by every chance I could to check in on him. Not that I didn't think he was doing a good job but as his father I felt a little bit of good natured ribbing was in order.

One time I loudly announced I was looking for the Magnum condoms to his horror then to follow through I purchased them and walked out without another word. Heading to my car I caught sight of his HHR parked nearby. I took the prophylactics out of their package and tucked them under his windshield wipers before driving off. Later I got a rather exasperated text questioning my motives.

Each subsequent trip I made a purchased and he learned to expect to find it waiting on him at the end of the day. "Gifts" included adult diapers, rash cream and a benign baby Groot. Eventually he left his position there but had plenty of parting gifts to remember his time.


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