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Crinkle Cut Fries Are The Worst

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Few veggies are as versatile and tasty as potatoes however there is one clear exception to this, the crinkle cut fry. No bigger waste of money or let down as a side has ever been concocted. How someone can take the same base product, a potato, and produce something so disappointing is remarkable.

Crinkle Cut Fries are overall the WORST type of fry you can get. The texture, the mouth feel & overall taste is awful. Supposedly the engineering on the ridges of the crinkle cut is to provide a crunch while maximizing the baking inside the fry.

Sorry folks a swing and a miss, the ridges are never crunchy, in-fact mostly soggy because they are flawed in design retaining excess frying oil - thus leaving you with a limp fry with a mushy potato filling or worse an overcooked charred pile of starch. The overall taste is not nearly on par with a traditional fry either, the texture is terrible and the cut tricks you into thinking you are getting a bigger fry.

Lastly, they taste cheap and are by far are the cheapest frozen fry you can buy at the store. Now I understand the nostalgia from eating these at school & such, but the overall quality of fry is not there. I’d personally recommend any other type of fry than the crinkle cut. If I see them as my only side option I choose a salad or I choose to just fast.

I hate when they try to sneak them in

Also worth noting, Burger King discontinued it's poorly named "Satisfries" crinkle cut fries and 2 weeks later it's stock rose 120%!

Now for those that are interested, this the hierarchy of fries.

  1. Curley: Superior cooking, seasoning and above average dunking score

  2. Tater Tots: Best use of space, nice and salty and bite sized

  3. Waffle: Great if you want to get a lot of Ketsup or sauce on your fry

  4. Steak: Gets tricky here on as they can be cooked wrong, usually good seasoning

  5. Traditional: Most common and easy to find, lots of variety at fast food joints

  6. Shoestring: Too small, almost always cooked wrong and hard to handle

  7. Crinkle Cut: Waste of a potato, someone owes me a refund


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