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Converting Muggles

I've been friends with Kurt for more than a decade. We worked together on the second shift for awhile before going to different departments and eventually he left the company. During our tenure in Workflow Support we had a lot of time to chat sitting across from each other and I regaled him of the merits of Geocaching on many occasions. His kids, now old enough to enjoy hiking, were interested in getting out and trying their hand and the hobby so we organized a trip to Shawnee Mission Park today.

We opted for a trail near the north end off Ogg road and after going over the basics we set out in search of our prizes. I've been so immersed in caching for the last 12 years that I sometimes take certain aspects of it for granted. This was an excellent experience for me as it forced me to stop and reflect on how to use the map, what to look for (e.g. a suspicious pile of sticks), what goes into a log, how to handle swag, etc.

Their first cache was a 2001 stash (heck of a start if you ask me) and was a great opportunity for me to drop off some Montana and Idaho trackables I picked up on our recent trip. We only allotted 3 hours for the day but got a good cross section of caches including a field puzzle. The level of interest varied in the kids but we agreed to get together again in the city center another Friday. I love introducing new cachers almost as much as I love finding caches and reconnecting with an old friend makes it a doubly rewarding experience.


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