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Being a Geocaching Spokesperson

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In 2014 a local TV channel reached out to Groundspeak, the parent company of and asked to talk to someone about the global scavenger hunt phenomenon I love. In turn they reached out to my friend Jennifer as she had recently toured the HQ in Seattle but she didn't like the idea of being on TV and sent them my way instead. I had worked at a TV station for several years and knew how they operated but was rarely in front of the camera. Still my passion for the topic, and not wanting to let Jennifer down, led me to say yes.

I showed up one Friday morning to be interviewed on Channel 41s KC Live. I met with Michelle Davidson the anchor and they directed me to a table to setup my props. I took a couple of containers, lots of trackables and a GPS. The segment was only a couple of minutes long but went fairly well I think. I kept the link to the segment on YouTube but after a few years they took it down. Luckily my geocaching buddy Doug recorded it and posted it too. This version is a little janky but it's the only one I've got.

A few years after that Bridget was on the same TV channel and filmed in the same studio but talking about Girl Scouts and the Royals Girl Scout Day at the K event. She did much better than her daddy but then again she's a natural performer!


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