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BBQ Tour

My geocaching friend Semmels123 (Ryan) is hosting a Mega Geocaching event in Kansas City next weekend. He put out a few calls for assistance on a side project and I expressed my support. Subsequently he tasked myself and byonke (Brian) with setting up a BBQ tour for visitors.

The idea being that we would have between 15 - 20 BBQ restaurants that would appear as lab caches for up to two weeks after the event. By visiting all of the sites cachers could earn a supercool geocoin trackable at

Unfortunately time was tight so Brian and I had to move fast. after speaking to Ryan I threw together a generic flyer we could show to restaurant managers. The final product would be modified to be specific to their site and in addition to bringing hundreds of potential customers we would offer up a geocoin to them as a thank you.

Brian, being retired hit the ground before me so I managed the Google doc and Google Map to help keep tabs on our progress. When I was able to get our the response was overall quite positive and I had a lot of great conversations with curious muggle BBQ enthusiasts. I think over the course of this event I have eaten more BBQ than at any single point in my life. I hope folks end up enjoying the challenge and get a taste of what KC has to offer.


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