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Aunt "DeeDee"

Four years ago today I lost one of my closest friends. I think of her often and miss her deeply. Deana Van Hoy, you may be gone but you are not forgotten!

Deana in the early days at Worldspan

This is what I shared on her memorial. I share it again today to keep her memory alive. “I met Deana at Worldspan, my first real job after college, and from our first conversation I knew she was a special person. She was witty, kind and as funny as could be. In 2005 we went to Romania together for work and that's when our friendship really grew. It was a big step outside her comfort zone but she did it fearlessly. Everyone there found her a delight to be around and wanted to spend time with her. Visiting new places (or old) with Deana was a treat as she found beauty in everything she saw. We had so many inside jokes that spawned even more yet till I got lost in the conversation but was laughing so hard I didn't care. You couldn't help but smile and be drawn to her. Over the years we spent time exploring Kansas City (when I could convince her), watching Friends (her favorite TV show by far), playing games with my kids (she was Aunt DeeDee to them) and talking about the highs and lows of our lives. I can say with no uncertainty that I enjoyed every moment and my heart is full of joy and great memories thanks to Deana.

A Trip to the Plaza with Romanian Friends

These past few days I've been reminded of how many lives she's touched. I've heard from friends near and far who loved Deana with all their hearts. Such a tragic thing to happen and to such a heaven sent person. My sincere and profound sympathy to her family. I cannot fathom the effect this has had on you. I hope you take comfort in the fact that she was such a blessing to the world and will be remembered with the highest honor and deepest love.”

Her Worldspan Friends at the Memorial

There is still a picture of her playing games with Dave, Alexander and Phaedra hanging in our living room. So long as I’m around there always will be, rest well my friend.

A Cherished Memory with the Kids


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