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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The feel of an orange foam projectile hitting you is all too familiar for my family. Ever since the kids were little we've grown our arsenal and enjoyed a variety of games from capture the flag to last man standing. It seems in the last ten years that Hasbro has greatly improved upon the models and variety of Nerf guns.

For many years it was tradition for at least one gift at Christmas time to be Nerf related. In April of 2009 I made a Facebook post about our collection at that time listing the following:

  • 2 N strike vulcan chain auto fed EBP25's,

  • 2 advance extreme dart tag pumps,

  • 2 auto 20 shot gatlin guns,

  • 2 nerf katanas,

  • 2 sets of head gear and chest vests,

  • 4 air tech 3000's, 1crossbow,

  • 1 longshot sniper with laser sight add on,

  • a pump shotgun,

  • 1 extra chain gun rails,

  • 3 backup clips,

  • 14 shotgun rounds and

  • 186 glow in the dark/velcro/slim line/suction cup rounds and dozens of nerf balls for grenades.

Early on it was like an arms race where we'd buy a big gun and then when it came time to break into teams things would be lopsided (neverminded that it was an adult vs. kids). Consequently I started to buy things in twos to keep things (more) balanced and when possible we would include neighbors and friends to make it more fun.

While often these skirmishes would be planned they could break out at a moments notice just as soon as someone grabbed a gun and started firing at their siblings. As such for the last decade I've kept a fully loaded foam gun in my closet within easy reach. There hasn't been as much call for it as of late but you never know. There is after all a massive stockpile easily 4 times the list above spread throughout the home (to mom's chagrin).


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