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One faithful day in June of 2000 Steve Brown read an article about "GPS Stash Hunting" on an old USENET newsgroup website. Fascinated by the idea but not seeing any local for him to find he went out in the rain that evening and hid a container along the Watts Mill trail in south Kansas City. In his log from that day he mentions that it is not only the first in Kansas City but the first in the state of Missouri adding "there was no caches closer than 350 miles to go hunt". That other cache ~350 miles away was none other than Mingo, the oldest active cache in the world!

Ammo can I left in 2017

GC37 sat unfound for more than 3 months until it was finally discovered. There were 25 unique finds that first year including one from none other than *gln the long time Missouri reviewer. Since then it has been visited nearly 4,000 times by cachers from 27 different countries racking up more than 1,000 favorite points and helping to finish countless Jasmer grids.

Original Image from Steve Brown Listing

In 2007 Steve Brown handed over ownership of the cache to Jim Shilt aka webscouter. Jim was the caretaker until 2017 when he passed the rains to me (OrigamiFolder). Like Steve and Jim before me I've found it a great honor to be the caretaker of this significant cache. All 3 of us have had to replace the container and adjust the location to avoid muggles but we continue to do so to keep this beacon of geocaching alive for future visitors. Scrolling through the old logs I see the names of many geocaching friends often mentioning it was among their first finds.

Placard I added to welcome visitors

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