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The world is a crazy place and my travels around the US and abroad have yielded some interesting experiences. Often these happen so fast I am not able to pull out my camera to record but I have documented some weird, funny and/or unique things. Here are a few memorable ones.

"Putto" and Dave
Saw this sneaking up behind us on the highway
...and then he road off into the sun
This one hurt to look at
Suuuuuure it is
Someone has a sense of humor about it at least
Not your typical kind of bumper sticker
Dear God no
I think it's the lack of centering that bugs me the most
Who needs a truck?!
Spotted in Switzerland, I hope it's not what I think it is
Seating aside how "fabulous" this is, why would Merpeople need a fireman?
I found it that way I swear
Luckily they don't sell bread
When parking is scarce you take what you can get
Drive thru automated convenience store
Amen brother
God's Ear?
Neon Palm Tree in the Midwest
Panda riding shotgun
Yay, $0.01 off (not even worth the sharpie ink if you ask me)
You got straps? Yeah, we can make it work...
Never forget Mt Rushmore is a Dragons lair
Translates to "please piss while sitting"
Sadly the bank in Tightwad closed down but there's a geocache!
Maybe they should have separated these two more
Spotted in the Bucharest subway
Yeah, I would have taken it off before going inside
I was not worthy of this bathroom
Found in an Indian grocery store (Hindu symbol)
What did you say your Wi-Fi was called?


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