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Greece Has Nice Beaches

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

One summer Ana's sister and mother came to visit us staying for an entire month. She hadn't seen her family for a while and we were excited to show them the area. We went on a whirlwind tour of all the major attractions from Worlds of Fun and the Zoo to the Nelson Atkins and Powell Gardens and all points in between. Considering other places a little further away we made plans to see the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska. It was a grand time with wonderful memories and lots of fun pictures but it was the meal afterwards that has stuck in my mind the most.

Ana and her family are huge fans of Greek food so I did a quick Google search and located a place not too far away. We drove over and were quickly seated in the back near a sizable mural of a Grecian seaside town. We talked about our favorite experiences from the day while we waited for our food. I was seated with my back against the wall and Ana across from me next to the two seats reserved for her mother and sister. They had stepped away to the bathroom and Bridget was diligently coloring the kids menu to my side. I watched as she scanned the large mural with her eyes and then with a serious look on her face she announced uncharacteristically loudly to the table, "Greece has nice bitches".

The elderly couple behind me must have been just as startled as I was because I heard some silverware drop on a plate making a loud clinking sound. I looked across at her and saw no signs of ill intent, deception or even humor just a matter of fact expression. I repeated it back to her dropping my voice significantly and changing it to a question, "Greece has nice what now?" Sensing the tone change she wrinkled her brow and reflected on what she had said. You could almost see the dialog in her mind as she checked the translation and the sudden sense of horror as she realized her error. "Beaches... I meant to say BEACHES" gesturing to the painting behind me.

It was at this point I realized that over my right shoulder the wait staff had approached and apparently had taken in this exchange and decided it was best not to address it setting down our food and stifling laughter. Dana and Bunica returned unaware and we continued on with our meals. To this day however I can't hear about Greece and/or beaches without reminding everyone within earshot of how, "Greece has nice beaches".


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