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Garden Goodness

In 2014 I took the kids to the Spanish Garden Berry Farm to pick fruit and hopefully inspire them to try some of the yummy goodness they had to offer. It was strawberry season so that got the bulk of our attention. The kids really got into picking them and finding "the very bestest" as per the parameters dad set forth. They would run up and down the paths looking for those that fit the characteristics I set forth then trying to convince me to come visit their spot.

While we worked our way up and down the rows we noticed a man with a high end camera snapping photos. After awhile the enthusiasm of my kids caught his attention and he approached us about taking some pictures. He was on assignment for the KC Star and thought that my kids would make wonderful subjects. Naturally we agreed and he snapped several photos before moving on.

I intended to grab a paper to save a copy of the article but never found myself near a stand the following day. Luckily a friend noticed us and shared it on Facebook for us to remember the moment. Sadly he picked a photo where Dave wasn't present but it was a fun overall experience none the less. And no they didn't all end up loving Strawberries but is a big fan at least!


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