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We Glo' Fo Sho'

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The Fulton's have been long time family friends and Ashley and I tend to rope the group into crazy shenanigan's. In 2013 she was excited to participate in a "Glow Race" which is basically a 5k with neon colors and backlights they have at the stadiums off I-70. I want to say fundraising benefited a worthy charity but that could be me romanticizing things a bit.

They had a competitive 5k race but we all favored the casual family walk with techno music and people dressed like it was a rave. Ashley had shirts made for us via her cousin (that girl must have like 50 cousins and they all have a job/business she knows how to leverage). For whatever reason I thought it would be fun to wear my cowboy hat and we added various other props to showcase the neon colors and glowing lights.

I tried to take pictures of the walk but they all turned out terrible, was I using a blackberry or a low end Android then? All in all it was a fun little Saturday evening though.


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