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Updated: May 18, 2021

I am both a geocacher and a self proclaimed nerd. Membership in either group comes with irrational proclivities to like the number π. Unsurprisingly many of my friends share a fascination with it and it would appear it's almost gained a pop culture following recently. I see it referenced outside of the expected math equations appearing on t-shirts, mugs, signs and of course in geocaches.

As many likely already know the first few digits "3.14" has caused March 14th to rise to the level of a minor holiday. It's common to see geocaching events with "pie" being shared in recognition of it's homonymic connection to Pi.

My friend captainmath (Kevin) unsurprisingly is a fan and gave me the inspiration for a puzzle I placed in 2014 (GC501JH) when we were still hosting our annual Meet the Geeks events. That cache is still published but sees little action these days. If anyone stumbles upon this post while working on it you need to figure out the digit at each placement from the spigot algorithm image. For example if you took Pi to the 551,948th digit you would find it's an "8". Now how the heck do you find out the digits that far out? With a handy calculator website of course. Also don't forget the order things come out of a faucet, you can thank the brilliant Atomic Falcon for that suggestion.

More recently there have been local Pi Day events hosted by javthrowr (Jennifer), DrPowercat (Tom), the Traveling Armadillos (Patrick and Christiana) plus many more I am sure I missed out on or forgotten. Today we attended a CITO and Community Celebration Event to add to the Pi cache icon list. The weather didn't cooperate but this rarely if every dissuades geocachers.


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