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20 Years of Geocaching

Today was a milestone for the longest active cachers in our area. Brian and Carlin known to geocachers as byonke held an event today near the very first geocache they found 20 years ago this month! To remember the event they placed a new container at the same coordinate for us and future cachers to enjoy.

Walk softly and carry a big stick

Since my first year as a cacher Geocaching events have been among my favorite activities. They are an opportunity to connect with kindred spirts and share stories of adventures without having to explain WHY you felt the need to drive a couple of hours out of your way to sign your name on a piece of Tupperware on a long forgotten trail in the woods. Case and point I teamed up with kcsmiths (Mike), Fuerte24 (Joe), ConleyCrew (Carol), Truvtter (Penni), javthrowr (Jennifer) and ksumom2004 (Melody) for some newly published caches. While cruising around in Joe’s truck the topic of retirement plans came up and everyone in turn agreed that they intended to buy an RV or camping trailer and crisscross the country.

Look up everyone

Back at the event I spoke to no less than twenty friends who wanted to catch up and easily a dozen more I didn’t have a chance to chat with. Geocachers by and large despite skewing nerdy are a friendly bunch and I am proud to say many of my closest friends came through this hobby.

Quite the crowd

I took time to talk to the honored couple and ask them about their plans for the “next 20 years” to which Carlin scoffed. “We didn’t even know we’d still be doing it 20 years later that Easter Sunday in 2001”. Well fingers crossed we will all still be around enjoying the adventures and each other’s company.

Gadget fun


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